Why is the world of fashion so hot?

  • July 21, 2021

A new book by one of the world’s most renowned fashion experts says that the hottest trends in fashion are being driven by a new wave of technology.

A new book called “The Future of Fashion” by French designer Daniel Durell, who also created the popular fashion magazine “Fashion”, said he believes technology is driving the trend of fashion.

Durell said there was an unprecedented level of “creative expression” and the use of digital technologies is transforming the way people experience fashion.

“When we say we are going to change the world, it is the end of a decade of revolution,” he said.

“Technology is redefining the way we live and work.

It is changing the way consumers engage with each other, the way they shop, the fashion industry and the way fashion is consumed.”

“Technology has revolutionised fashion,” he added.

“It is not only going to make it easier to communicate, but it is going to radically change the way that people think about what they buy.”

Durelli said that he thinks people will “never be the same” when it comes to how they purchase fashion.

“It will be about the way you make money, about the quality of your shoes, about what you wear, the type of clothes you wear,” he told the ABC.

Durella said he wants to create a space that is “more connected to the world than ever before”.

He said that the technology he is talking about is all around us.

He believes that technology is the “third eye of the consumer”.

“I think there is a lot of hope for the future of fashion,” Durelli told the radio station Radio 2 on Wednesday.

“I hope it is also a time of hope because I don’t think we are just going to survive this.”

He told Radio 2’s Breakfast program that technology has “really democratised” fashion, and that it is “going to change how we work and live”.

Durello said that people are not just looking to get something for their buck, but they are looking to make money and make the most out of their time.

And he said that fashion is now being driven more by technology, rather than the traditional way of buying.

“It’s about making the most of your time and making the least of your money,” he explained.

“You can make money in the way of advertising and promotions, you can make a lot in the design of your clothes, but you’re going to be more influenced by your environment than you are by your brand.”

“Technology will not solve all of our problems.

It will help solve a few of them,” he continued.”

But it is already changing the ways we interact with the world.”

He said he sees this change as a good thing.

“For me, as a designer, it’s a positive because the world needs designers,” he admitted.

“The world needs more designers.”

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