A luxury vacation resort in India has been fined for posting pictures of naked men on its website and encouraging tourists to come back naked to get their fix

  • July 29, 2021

An Indian luxury resort has been ordered to pay a fine of Rs.5.5 lakh for posting photographs of naked women on its Facebook page and encouraging visitors to come home naked.

The resort, named The Beach, was fined Rs.50,000 for violating the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act (PHSA) and was also ordered to implement corrective measures to prevent similar cases from happening in the future, said the police department in Mumbai, India’s second-largest city.

The photos of naked naked women appeared on the resort’s Facebook page on Feb. 6 and March 12, 2016.

It was also reported that the resort was receiving complaints of people who were visiting it for its holiday.

A group of three people were charged under the PHSA and the resort had to pay the fine, according to police.

A woman, who is the mother of one of the three, and two of the men were charged with violating the PNS act.

The resort had not received any complaints or complaints from the three individuals.

In February, police in the coastal city of Kolkata also found a naked woman sitting on the top of a hotel balcony on a balcony of the hotel and asked her to move.

The hotel management told police that the woman had not left the hotel.

In November, police raided a luxury resort in the eastern state of Karnataka, which was located close to Mumbai, after a complaint that a naked man had been found in a hotel room.

The man, who was identified as Vijay Kumar, said he had been booked for an entertainment event but had not been allowed to go because of the nude photos on the hotel’s Facebook wall.

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