Luxury magazine to reveal its new cover this week

  • August 6, 2021

Luxury lifestyle magazine connecticut is set to reveal a new cover for the month of December, according to the news outlet.

Connecticut’s first ever ‘smart luxury’ cover will feature a man sitting in a luxury chair in front of a fireplace, and features a stunning image of a beautiful tree.

Connectivity to Facebook and Instagram will also be a feature on the cover, which is set for release on December 10.

Connections to Twitter and Instagram are also planned for December, with the outlet confirming the launch will happen on December 9.

The publication says the new cover will be a collaboration between connecticut’s own designer and its Instagram influencers, with creative team Lush magazine.

“The new cover, inspired by the art of the Connecticut woods, is the first of its kind in the country,” the outlet said.

“We’re incredibly excited to share this cover with our loyal Instagram followers and our loyal Facebook fans.

It’s going to be a really beautiful piece of art that connects with your Instagram feed.”

Lush magazine is a popular influencer outlet in the state, and was set to debut a brand new cover on December 8, but was delayed until January, when the publication was set up to launch a new, exclusive cover.

The brand has not yet commented on the new design.