The latest from India and Bangladesh

  • August 9, 2021

India and Thailand have agreed to open border crossing points for their citizens in Bangladesh.

India and Vietnam have agreed on a plan to establish an Indian military base at a naval base in Vietnam.

And here in Bangladesh, India is considering allowing the Indian military to establish a permanent base in the country.

The deal with Vietnam will also help ease tensions with India over the border.

On Saturday, the two countries will hold their first bilateral meeting in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with a joint statement on their future cooperation.

The meeting will include discussions on border security, border cooperation, economic cooperation, maritime security and climate change, the statement said.

The countries have been negotiating for months over how to handle the influx of refugees into Bangladesh.

Bangladeshis are facing the most severe refugee crisis in decades.

Many are trapped in camps and shelters and are desperately trying to find somewhere to live.

India is facing a similar crisis.

Its security situation has deteriorated sharply in recent months due to a surge in border attacks and violence in the border region between India and Bhutan, a border that India has repeatedly refused to open.

The two countries have also been in talks on a joint military base for India.