Exclusive: ‘I want to live like a king’: Kaya Koehler, founder of Mango Mango, dies at age 96

  • August 10, 2021

Kaya Koehler, the founder of a luxury brand that was one of the first to make men wear women’s clothing, has died.

She was 96.

Koehlert said she passed away Thursday at her home in the Netherlands.

Her death was confirmed by her daughter, Maria.

The family declined to release her death certificate, saying she had died of natural causes.

In the early 1950s, Koehrler created a fashion house that included men’s and women’s pieces.

The company eventually expanded to include a womens line, but Koehnert said that women’s apparel was not an important part of the company.

She said she wanted to create a brand that people could feel comfortable wearing, not a business that made money from advertising.

Koesler was born in Kiel, Germany, and raised in Vienna, where she attended a private school before moving to Amsterdam, where her father founded a furniture factory.

Kroehlert started Mango in 1958 and it has been called one of Germany’s most influential companies.

In her last year, she launched her latest venture, a fashion label, which launched in January, according to her daughter.

Kiehlert worked at a variety of brands, including Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein and Chanel, and as a fashion designer.

She also worked at luxury goods company Hermes.

Kaya started her business with her father, who died in 2007, at age 26.

The couple was married for 41 years.

In addition to Mango and Koehle’s daughter, Kiehle also worked with her mother, who is the founder and president of the family’s company.

Kaehlert is survived by her parents, sister, and daughter-in-law.

A memorial service is scheduled for Thursday at 10 a.m. at the St. John’s Church in Amsterdam.

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