Luxury magazine: ‘It’s a very expensive luxury’

  • September 19, 2021

Malaysia’s luxury magazine Cheshire has published an article suggesting that luxury items in the country can be quite expensive.

In the magazine’s article, the company said that while many of the items on the cover of its latest issue are “fancy,” it’s also “a very expensive” luxury item.

“The best way to find out about a luxury item is to ask around the local supermarket, especially in cities where you’re likely to find some, or at a local boutique,” the article said.

“If the store owner can show you a picture of the item, you can also ask around, especially at malls, and see if anyone has a similar item.”

Read moreMalaysia is known for its high prices, but Luxury Magazine’s article also says it is a luxury product that is actually more expensive than the average item.

Read more”This is a very pricey luxury item, but for those who have an eye on the price, it can be a very attractive one,” it said.

Luxury magazine Malaysian brand Cheshire, which has been in the business for 25 years, has launched its new cover.

“We aim to help consumers find out more about the products they love,” the magazine said.

“We also encourage our readers to try on the items, to get a feel for the quality of each piece, and to tell us what they think.”Read More