Luxury Interiors Magazine, a luxury lifestyle magazine for men, was launched in 2016 by the owners of the luxury hotel chain, Regent Park. The magazine’s first issue was published in June 2018 and is available for purchase online.

  • August 17, 2021

Luxury Magazine is an online magazine that is dedicated to luxury lifestyle, luxury travel and luxury travel guides.

The online magazine is published by the Regent Hotel Group, an Australian luxury hotel group with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Canberra.

Regent’s website states that the magazine is “an award-winning luxury lifestyle travel guide and travel guide for young people, offering a collection of articles and reviews on topics such as the new Luxury Travel Guide by Regent, as well as lifestyle guides, lifestyle accessories and more”.

Regent owns a number of luxury hotels and is also the owner of Regent Estate, the largest privately owned estate estate in Australia.

Regents website says that “the company has an extensive range of luxury properties in Australia, including Regent Hotels Melbourne, Regents Sydney and Regents Brisbane.

Regens’ portfolio of properties include the Regents London, Regens Melbourne and Regens Sydney properties.”

Luxury Hotel Guide: Luxury Guide is an exclusive guide for travellers to luxury hotels, travel and lifestyle.

It is available in English, Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Italian and Chinese, with the online edition launching in May 2019.

Luxury travel guide is an internet-based travel and travel guides for people who want to travel and explore the world.

Luxurious Travel Guide is a guide to the world’s most luxurious destinations, including hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, shopping malls, museums, attractions, beaches and more.

It covers topics such the world of luxury, luxury lifestyle and luxury vacations. is the official website of Luxury HotelsGuide.COM, which is owned by Regents HotelsGroup. was launched by Regency Properties in 2016. launched in June 2017.

The website is owned and operated by Regens Properties.

Regency and Regent Properties. are owned and managed by Regencies Resorts. launches in November 2018.

The site is owned, operated and marketed by Regen Properties.

Travel guides is a travel guides service. publishes a list of luxury hotel guides that are based in Australia that are available online for travellers, including LuxuryHotelsGuideGuide and LuxuryhotelsGuide Australia. publishes a luxury travel guide that is based in the United Kingdom. hosts luxury travel reviews and offers a searchable guide. offers a travel guide with reviews on the top hotels in the world that are published in Spanish, French and Italian. has a website for travel and tourism professionals in Australia and overseas. provides a travel and vacation directory for Australians, New Zealanders and other travellers.

The company’s website also offers a global travel search tool. lists luxury hotels in Australia by country and also by number of rooms, amenities, price and status of properties. organises a list for travellers who are interested in hotels in New Zealand.’s website lists a global hotel directory, which includes the most popular hotels in different cities around the world, and a travel listing service,

Luxure Guide is also published by The Luxury Tourist Group, a travel magazine, in partnership with Regent and The Luxurite Group. covers luxury tourism, luxury hotels (including hotel suites), luxury travel destinations and the best places to stay in the best hotels in Europe and Asia. gives travel guides and reviews to hotel owners and operators and offers them a search engine to help users find the best deals on accommodation, accommodation and accommodation packages. makes an online travel guide to luxury hotel reviews and also offers an online hotel directory. includes reviews of luxury travel packages in a large range of countries. reviews luxury travel brands, hotels, attractions and resorts in a wide range of different countries, as it does with the Luxury Guides website. helps travellers find hotels, restaurants and other destinations in the luxury tourism industry. has a search service to help travellers find and book accommodation packages and resorts. is an in-house travel and hotel search and booking service.

It offers listings of hotel reviews, reviews of hotels, hotel reviews in the popular tourist cities and reviews of resorts in major tourist destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Luxyxie.

Exclusive: ‘I want to live like a king’: Kaya Koehler, founder of Mango Mango, dies at age 96

  • August 10, 2021

Kaya Koehler, the founder of a luxury brand that was one of the first to make men wear women’s clothing, has died.

She was 96.

Koehlert said she passed away Thursday at her home in the Netherlands.

Her death was confirmed by her daughter, Maria.

The family declined to release her death certificate, saying she had died of natural causes.

In the early 1950s, Koehrler created a fashion house that included men’s and women’s pieces.

The company eventually expanded to include a womens line, but Koehnert said that women’s apparel was not an important part of the company.

She said she wanted to create a brand that people could feel comfortable wearing, not a business that made money from advertising.

Koesler was born in Kiel, Germany, and raised in Vienna, where she attended a private school before moving to Amsterdam, where her father founded a furniture factory.

Kroehlert started Mango in 1958 and it has been called one of Germany’s most influential companies.

In her last year, she launched her latest venture, a fashion label, which launched in January, according to her daughter.

Kiehlert worked at a variety of brands, including Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein and Chanel, and as a fashion designer.

She also worked at luxury goods company Hermes.

Kaya started her business with her father, who died in 2007, at age 26.

The couple was married for 41 years.

In addition to Mango and Koehle’s daughter, Kiehle also worked with her mother, who is the founder and president of the family’s company.

Kaehlert is survived by her parents, sister, and daughter-in-law.

A memorial service is scheduled for Thursday at 10 a.m. at the St. John’s Church in Amsterdam.